About Raw Truth Life

RawTruthLife was born December 2013, in the pulpit of my church on one of the biggest nights of the year, Watch Night, a New Year night. My leader, who is one of my biggest supporters, gave me the opportunity to expose who I was. Before this opportunity, I on my own produced motivational CD's that's so different, so hood but yet so relatable that it opened doors that I wasn't mentally prepared for. That night in the pulpit with the church packed, everybody glaring right at me teaching me at that moment the studio is much different than being in the pulpit looking at so many eyes glaring at me. The fear of public speaking grabbed me and wouldn't let me go! I lost all confidence, I stuttered, I stumbled over words, I really felt like I embarrassed myself badly. However, 15 souls were saved that night. After that night I ran from God, I went back to the streets wishing to never feel that way again. It's been years lost in the streets but still I felt God telling me to go back and push RawTruth, so I started pushing it on my social media as my signature, then God told me to take it a step further and push the clothing I always desired to do, for I love fashion and I always wanted something to do with clothing, shades, beautiful smells, so now my biggest embarrassment has went from a social media signature to a brand I’m gonna push until I die, taking what satan wish to use to destroy me, making it my biggest blessing, freeing me from a lifestyle that’ll send me to hell if death caught me slippin before I got it right with God, so RawTruth the sermon hurt my feelings to the core but God is gonna use it to bless my life! RawTruth

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